March 26, 2018  |   Campus

KFUPM Mall dining area

KFUPM Mall has become a center of attraction for all students where many of them enjoy their leisure time after their classes. This has become so popular that it remains jam-packed with students during the weekends because of the wide range of facilities from Bowling Alley to Barber shop all under one roof. There is a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, supermarket and other entertainment facilities all combined in one modern state of the art building.

One of the students, Khalid Al Amin, talks about his experience and says “Now fresh food is available from the restaurant directly rather having to wait two hours for a delivery man…” 

And while offering entertainment, KFUPM Mall supports students financially by offering part time job opportunities that are flexibly adjusted with their study schedule. The Mall is furnished with comfortable sitting arrangements and a giant LCD screen. Light indoor sports entertainment facilities including bowling alley, table tennis and snooker are available for students.

KFUPM mall

In the words of KFUPM student, Mohammed Al Ahmad The opening of KFUPM Mall revolutionized students life in the university. In the past, we needed to leave the university in order to get our daily life needs, but now I rarely have to leave campus. Also, before the mall we didn’t have too many choices for entertainment 

The contemporary design of the building allows plenty of sunlight to access the entire building, especially the dining hall that creates a fresh ambience and lively environment to enjoy. The upper floors are equipped with halls and meeting rooms. The mall has become a center of social activities organized by the student clubs.

KFUPM mall bowling alley