New Records in Summer Programs at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

July 24, 2018  |   Campus

Summer Semester:

This year witnessed a record number of regular students enrolled in the summer semester.  5486 students enrolled which makes the highest number in the university's 55-year history. In this year, 878 students admitted for the preparatory year and 4608 students registered for undergraduate study.

Dr. Mesfer Al-Zahrani, the director of the summer program, pointed out that the total number of registered courses in this semester reached (127), while the total number of divisions reached (459), and the total faculty members from all academic ranks was (213). The study began from the first day, and there was an excessive demand for some materials. All the justified requests were met and the number of faculty members was increased as needed.

جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن تعلن نتائج قبول طلاب الثانوية
Classes in KFUPM During Summer Session.

Summer Enrichment Program for the Gifted:

KFUPM paid a close attention to the gifted youth and has organized quality programs that sharpen their skills and develop their knowledge. The most prominent of these programs is the University Summer Enrichment Program for the Gifted which hosted 160 talented students from around the Kingdom.

Cryptography Course, Enrichment Program.

The program aims at enriching the students in the fields of science and engineering that help them to implement their ideas, to identify and practice the skills and methods of thinking in a scientific and practical way, training in scientific research methodology in an academic climate stimulating creative thinking.

The program also includes scientific activities whose idea is to simplify complex and complex scientific concepts, where students simulate these ideas and turn them into practical applications on the ground. Students conduct a number of scientific activities during the program.

Students performing scientific activities.

Summer Evening Program:

 This program was organized in cooperation between the Department of Student Activity and the Center for Student Excellence, Religious Guidance and Physical Education. The program started on Wednesday (4 July 2018) and will end on Monday (August 6, 2018). The program included a number of scientific courses organized by the Center of Student Excellence, which were selected based on the labor market’s needs such as the Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Course.

Ba Samah program for community services “MUTQAN " was introduced. The program is a community initiative to empower undergraduate students with life skills that help them to discover their passion and master their work to become distinctive models in the Saudi labor market.

أمسيات الصيف1
Courses and Seminars are Part of Summer Evening Program

Other programs organized by the Department of Student Activity included an open meeting with students, a bowling and a chess tournament. The Department of Physical Education organized several sports competitions, including the basketball championship, volleyball tournament, the football championship, and the “World Cup information test” competition. These competitions concluded with a ceremony in which awards were distributed to all winners. KFUPM Center for Religious Guidance had its own quality activities, which included a course on Hajj conditions and organized a competition called "Haraman Aamenan".

Summer Program for Intermediate and Secondary Students:

On the other hand, the Deanship of Educational Services organized its summer program, which targeted the intermediate and secondary students with intensive English language courses on morning and evening so the time suits them all. The number of students enrolled in the program was (350) students.

دورات اللغة الأنجليزية
English Courses for Intermediate and Secondary Students.

Summer Program at Community Center

The Community Center organized its three-week summer program (from 4 to 19 July 2018). It included courses in mechanics labs, educational trips, the soap court, bowling, football and bicycling. "The summer program aims to combine entertainment and education, where participants can learn new skills and knowledge while spending time with fun" said the Family Program Coordinator Mrs. Taibah Al Fozan.

مركز المجتمع
Entertaining Activities at Community Center.

Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Center for Science and Technology (SciTech)

Mr. Waleed Al Rasheed, Assistant General Manager of SciTech, said that the summer activities included the children and family interactive theater, the entertainment and scientific performances, as well as many competitions, games and drawing. 10.000 visitors participated since the launch of the summer program.

The summer program was accompanied by training activities for boys and girls, which started on Sunday (15th of July) and will continue until Thursday (9th of August). Sitok Summer Club program, for boys and girls age 4 to 11, includes a number of activities such as cooking, best stories, scientific experiment, the Sitok laboratory, a trip around the world, the E-expert  and a number of various scientific and entertainment programs. The number of participants was 150. The other girl programs for the age of 12 to 18 include health, fitness, montage art, video production, flower arrangement and artist launch. The number of trainees reached 45.

VR Entertainment at SciTech.
Scientific Activities at SciTech.