KFUPM Organized The Induction Program of The EMBA

Sept. 6, 2018  |   Academics

برنامج الماجيستير للمديرين
Induction Program Activities for EMBA.

The College of Industrial Management, KFUPM received the participants of the 17th batch of the EMBA Program, on Sunday (2nd September, 2018) during the induction week that lasted until 6th September, 2018.

The event aims at introducing the 26 participants to the university and its systems and how to benefit from its educational facilities. It also includes lectures in management, accounting, finance, management information systems, statistics, operations management and marketing. Moreover, the event presents a course on how to improve functionality.

The assistant dean for graduate studies – College of Industrial Management – Dr. Mohammad Al-Ahmadi pointed out that the master program is of two years duration. The program, in addition to lectures, includes international trips and visits to factories and foreign companies to learn how to conduct international business and to deal with different climate and diverse cultures in the work environment. Thus, contributes to the refinement of management skills and acquisition of additional experience. 

برنامج الماجيستير للمديرين
Speech of College Dean Dr.Mohammed Al-Zahrani.

He confirmed that admission to the program is done after the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements, including having eight years of experience, obtaining a bachelor’s degree with a minimum (2.5 GPA out of 4) and passing the personal interview.

The program is a successful model in the field of higher education, which is held in a unique and renewed manner and is taught by distinguished elite of professors of industrial management. In addition to attracting distinguished professors from the top universities in the world.

The program has won the first place in the best EMBA programs in the West Asia for three consecutive years, from 2015 to 2017, which reflects the university’s excellence in providing high quality academic programs. The program, which started in 2002, was joined by 293 participants from various sectors. The program graduates served as leaders of the top companies and government agencies.