KFUPM and Advanced Electronics Company organized a workshop on marketing of patents

Sept. 19, 2018  |   Research

كلية الحاسب ورشة عمل
College of Computer Science and Engineering and Advanced Electronics Company.

The College of Computer Science and Engineering – KFUPM, and the Advanced Electronics Company held a workshop on the commercialization and marketing of patents obtained by the College on Thursday (September 13, 2018).

The workshop was attended by Dr. Adel Fadhl Ahmed, the College Dean, a number of its faculty and the delegation of the company headed by Mr. Ziad Musallam, the company Senior VP for Engineering & Development.

During the workshop, the Dean gave a brief on the College achievements and research projects that were completed, in addition to discussing the patents obtained by the College in the last five years. The company chose 7 patents to find ways to develop these patents into a commercial product or practical projects. The selected patents were related to Radio-Frequency Identification, Software Development, Information Security, Robots and Drones.

Means of cooperation between the company and the College were discussed and the company was interested in three development initiatives including Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IOT) and Cyber ​​Security, as well as establishing specialized centers at the university.

Dr. Adel Ahmed said that preparatory meetings with the company preceded the workshop and a special team of faculty members was assigned to discuss ways of cooperation with the company. Another workshop will be held in Riyadh to follow up and implement what was agreed upon in this workshop. It will include display of prototypes to the company customers, the technologies to be adopted and the systems to be tested.

The company showed its desire to cooperate with the university in the field of cooperative training program and summer training for the college students and to allocate an award to the students.

The delegation also visited the Dhahran Techno Valley Company and was briefed on the most important activities and research projects carried out by the company and the research centers in the valley. The Senior VP for Engineering & Development in the Advanced Electronics Company expressed his desire to establish a special center in the DTV to follow up and implement the joint research projects with the University.