KFUPM achieves the first and second positions in the national programming contest

Oct. 16, 2018  |   Events

الجامعة تحقق المركز الأول والثاني في مسابقة وطنية
Student teams of KFUPM Student teams of KFUPM.

Student teams of KFUPM achieved the first and second positions in the 3rd national programming contest, which was held today in the Third National Conference for the Faculties of Computer Science and Information in Saudi Universities organized by King Khalid University in Abha.

More than 200 students from Saudi universities in 55 teams attended the competition. Two teams from of 4 students from each university solved 8 or more programming issues. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals won the first place (the first team - male) and the second place (the second team - male), while third place was secured by King Faisal University (the second team - male).

الجامعة تحقق المركز الأول والثاني في مسابقة وطنية
KFUPM's Teams Memebers.

The competition aims at enhancing creativity, teamwork and innovation in building new programs, enabling students to test their performance abilities under pressure, developing the spirit of scientific competition among students, raising the level of software capabilities in solving problems, evaluating the academic level in computer faculties, preparing students to compete at all levels (locally and globally), and strengthen the relationship between students and faculty members.

The competition follows the rules of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). The system used to manage and evaluate teams' answers is called PC2, and it is one of the most popular systems used in local and international competitions.