From Student to Vice Rector: A Journey of an Academician

Nov. 1, 2018  |   Campus

ندوة المعمارية
Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud listening to audience questions and opinions.

On Tuesday, 30 October 2018, the Architectural Engineering Club (ARE) club held its second discussion meeting in Building 19 at 7:30 PM. The meeting started with a welcoming speech by one of the ARE Club members  for Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud, KFUPM Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and an ARE faculty member, and the audience made up of faculty members and students..

Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud began his speech by telling the audience about his journey from KFUPM student to his current position of KFUPM Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. Dr. Al-Homoud spoke about his early years, describing his birthplace and the environment in which he grew up and where he received his pre-college education. He recounted his experiences in moving to Dhahran and the challenges he encountered at the beginning. 

ندوة المعمارية
The Audience of faculty members and students.

Dr. Al-Homoud also mentioned several factors such as devotion, hardwork, and honesty that helped him in his college life. Dr. Al-Homoud, using many examples from his college life, described how a KFUPM student was always being challenged, both personally and academically, and from these challenges competent and successful students of good character emerged. Dr. Al-Homoud went on to talk about his post graduate studies and the experience of studying in the US. He finished by discussing the positions that he had filled and his experience working in both academic and administrative jobs. This was followed by a discussion where attendees shared opinions and asked questions about some of the issues raised.

The meeting with Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud was very interesting and informative. Students listened to an account of a long, difficult but successful journey from humble student to vice rector. The struggles and the difficulties encountered and overcome inspired all who were present. 

A group picture with Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud