Department of Mathematics & Statistics Calculus Award 2018

Nov. 22, 2018  |   Campus

Department of Mathematics & Statistics Calculus Award 2018

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics organized a Calculus Award ceremony on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 in Bldg. # 5, Room # 103. This ceremony was held to honor the achievers (A+) students in the calculus sequence (Math 101, Math 102 and Math 201).

The gathering was attended by the Department, faculty members and a large number of students to honor the achievers and encourage them to excel in their study. The ceremony started with a brief introduction about the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the excellent accomplishments of the faculty.

Certificates were presented to 43 students, who were high achievers. The following five students were the highest achievers as they had got A+ grade in all calculus courses and thus they were awarded with trophies:

1- Alzubair Mohammad Omar Habibullah

2- Murtada Hasan Mohammed Alamer

3- Mahmoud Ibrahim Jumah Habboush

4- Amid Mohamad Omar Khalled Dimachkie

5- Jaffar Radhi Mehdi Abu Qurayn