KFUPM Organized the 8th Forum for Non-Profit Sector Development

Dec. 3, 2018  |   Outereach

Dr. Sahel Abduljauwad (center) at the 8th Forum for Non-Profit Sector Development

The Rector of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Dr. Sahel N. Abduljauwad, stated that the organization of the eighth forum for non-profit sector confirms that the University has always been aware of the requirements of its role in serving the community. KFUPM recognizes that its duty requires enhancing the role of non-profit work, and enable it to achieve greater impact, based on the Saudi Vision 2030, and its emphasis on building a strong and influential non-profit sector which participate in achieving the development objectives. 

In his opening speech, which started at KFUPM on Saturday, December 1, 2018, entitled “Knowledge Management and its impact on the non-profit sector”, Dr. Abduljauwad said “the participation of a large number of the most important non-profit organizations in the activities of the Forum confirms the University's success in developing distinguished relations with the sectors of community. It also proves that the increasing expansion of non-profit work necessitates cooperation between its institutions, emphasizes the need to complement its roles and develop its institutional framework”.

 Dr. Abduljauwad said that the forum is being held with a wide international participation of experts, researchers and practitioners.  The forum has engaged in a strategic partnership with Abdelrahman Saleh Al Rajhi & Family Foundation, Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation, Almajdouie Charity Foundation and Foundation Salim Balhamer and his Family.

 KFUPM has contributed to the growth of the non-profit sector and to emphasize the developmental role it plays through the selection of speakers and forum subjects. This comes in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to increase the contribution of the non-profit sector in GDP from less than (1%) to (5%). The forum also aims to make the non-profit sector effective in the implementation of knowledge management, which will distinguish its organizations in their ability to make decisions, shorten the cycle of service development, speed of delivery and reducing costs.

The keynote speakers for the 8th Forum for Non-Profit Sector Development

Mr. Ahmad Salem Balhamer, Chairman of the Trustees of the Foundation Salem Balhamer and of his Family Charity, said that the forum reflects the cooperation between the academic and the profitable sectors to promote charitable work and transform it into an institutional work based on the scientific and knowledge methodology subjected to the teachings of our Islamic religion, which urges listening and learning from all successful experiences and pursuit knowledge from all sources.

 He said that the forum comes at a time when our country is heading towards the ambitious Saudi Vision of 2030 and the non-profit sector should be aware of the phase requirements. Balhamer suggested holding an annual panel discussion on the fulfillment of the charity sector to the Saudi Vision 2030.

 The workshop includes: (8) lectures, (4) panel discussions and workshops including: a lecture entitled “Knowledge and Impact: Development of Charitable and Non-Profit Sector”, a lecture on Knowledge and its Importance for organizations and Sectors, a lecture on Data-based Non-Profit Organizations, a lecture on the Development of a Road Map for the Adoption of Knowledge Management, a lecture on the Challenges of Knowledge Management in the Non-Profit Sector and a lecture entitled "Non-Profits Organizations and Knowledge, Learning, Innovation and Change".

 In continuation of the methodology used in previous forums, the forum's activities will vary this year to include the theoretical proposition, local harmonization and practical application through working papers, dialogue sessions and panel discussions presented and managed by a group of international experts.

 This year, the forum's scientific committee contributed to enabling non-profit organizations to achieve a deeper impact in the non-profit sector through  acquiring and effectively managing knowledge within this year’s forum which will be titled "Knowledge Management and its Impact on the Non-Profit Sector"

 The importance of the Forum’s theme is that the organizations are now increasingly focusing on knowledge as the essential element that distinguishes a successful organization from others. All contemporary organizations face a wave of rapid transformations and changes sweeping the world today, in particular the information and technological revolution. This revolution adopts advanced scientific knowledge and the optimal use of information resulting from the accumulated experience. As a result of these transformations, knowledge has become the most important strategic source. It has become the most powerful and influential factor in the success or failure of the Organization.

The 8th Forum for Non-Profit Sector Development