KFUPM students won the student competitions at 21st Middle East Oil & Gas Show

April 4, 2019  |   Events

PetroBowl Competetion Team.

A team students from Petroleum Engineering Department at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals won the student competitions of the 21st Middle East Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (MEOS 2019) held in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The student competitions included the best ME papers in PhD, MSc and BSc. Ahmed Abdulhameed Mahmoud, a Petroleum Engineering student won the first place in the PhD level and qualified to the international competition to be held during the annual SPE technical conference (SPE-ATC 2019) in Canada on September 2019. Rakan Fadl who is a petroleum engineering senior student achieved the second place in the BSc paper contest. In the same context, the PetroBowl team of KFUPM Petroleum Engineering achieved the 3rd place in the PetroBowl Competition organized by the SPE international and qualified to the final competition on 2019 SPE_ATC in Canada among thirty-two team from different universities all over the world.

طلاب الجامعة يفوزون في ميوس
Ahmed Mahmoud , 1st place winner of best ME papers contest (PhD part).
طلاب الجامعة يفوزون في ميوس
Rakan Fadl ,2nd place winner of best ME papers contest (BSc part).

In this regard, we would like to congratulate the participating students who achieved these advanced positions and to convey a message of thanks and gratitude to the CPG administration for the continuous support, care and attention to the participants.

MEOS 2019, which was held in Bahrain from March 19 to 21, was attended by more than 11,000 attendees from 63 countries in addition to 200 exhibiting in the oil and gas industry from 25 countries. The main exhibitors are the GCC national oil and gas companies, international industry leaders and Independent professional suppliers and distributors from around the world.

CPG participated in MEOS 2019 Exhibition .