7th of Ramadan, Start of Receiving Applications for New Students

May 5, 2019  |   Academics

بانر الجامعة
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM).

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) announced that on Sunday, 07 Ramadan 1440 H (12 May 2019), is the beginning of receiving applications for high school graduates through internet, which will last for 7 days ending on Saturday 13 Ramadan 1440 H (18 May 2019) and through the Admissions Department: http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/admissions

KFUPM stipulated that the student should be a high school graduate or the curricula system (natural sciences courses) for the year 1440 H or last year 1439 H. The student must have entered the general aptitude test for scientific disciplines. The student is entitled to use the test result obtained in this year 1440 H or two years earlier. The student must also enter the achievement test for the year 1440 H or the previous year 1439 H. It is also required that the student should not previously studied at KFUPM or its affiliated programs. All applications will be treated as a single transaction after the end of the registration period without giving preference to those who register early.

The required composite ratio will be announced when the results of the nominated students for admission are announced on Sunday, 13 Shawwal 1440H (corresponding to 16 June 2019). The results of KFUPM admission will be announced on the website and the results will also be sent by text message on the student's mobile phone written in the application form and a message to his e-mail. Students who have been notified of admission and have not confirmed their desire to attend KFUPM and have not submitted the required documents on the date specified for them, their admissions will be cancelled when the results are announced from Sunday 13 Shawwal 1440 H to Wednesday 16 Shawwal 1440 H (corresponding to 16-19 June 2019).

مواعيد القبول 1441
Registration Deadlines.

Dr. Sahel N. Abduljauwad, KFUPM Rector, stated that in response to the government's directives to activate e-transactions and facilitate procedures for citizens, each year, KFUPM used to facilitate the admission process and simplify the procedures for enrolling new students by employing integrated technology. Thus, achieving a record and early time to end students' admission and enable them to benefit from the summer vacation. KFUPM is able, annually, to attract the most outstanding students due to its academic reputation at the local and international level and the level of education provided to its students, provides contemporary scientific material and instills the skills necessary to graduate leaders in society. One of the admission advantages to KFUPM is that the new student is accepted in the preparatory year program for one academic year, after which the student is allowed to enroll in one of the disciplines offered by the colleges of the University. This feature provides the student with an opportunity to learn about KFUPM disciplines and to choose what suits his desire & aspirations for knowledge and awareness.

The Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Saad bin Mohammed Al-Shahrani stated that KFUPM seeks to accept the outstanding students of high school graduates. The admission plan for this year was prepared early and included qualitative programs implemented in many regions of the Kingdom to introduce the University's academic and research programs as well as the nature of KFUPM lifestyle. The preparations for the admission process were carried out in integrated coordination with the relevant authorities inside and outside KFUPM to ensure that the admission procedures run smoothly.

Dr. Al-Shahrani said that admission to KFUPM is based on three basic criteria: the secondary ratio, the general aptitude test and the achievement test. This is done by calculating a percentage of these criteria: 50% on the achievement test, 30% on the general aptitude test and 20% on the secondary ratio. The results of these ratios are collected in a single compound ratio by which the admitted students are identified.

KFUPM provides a communication center equipped with qualified staff to answer any queries to students and their parents. In addition, it provides website information of the Admissions Department, and answer by e-mail or telephone.