Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program

July 28, 2019  |   Campus

  • 6180 students in the summer semester

  • 786 trainees and trainees in continuing education programs

  • 200 participants in the summer program at KFUPM Community Center

  • 160 students in the Enrichment Program

Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program

Lots of academic & social events and activities in a very busy summer this year's at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. A number of 6180 students studying summer semester and 160 students participate in the Enrichment Summer program for the intermediate and secondary gifted students offered by the Deanship of Educational Services in the summer program. KFUPM employed all its potentials for the success of these events.

In this summer, a record number of the enrolled students that reached 6,180 students which is considered the highest number in the history of the university that extends for more than fifty years.

The Summer activities included more than 16 different programs (scientific research, skills, training, social, community service programs and sports) organized by the KFUPM Student Activity- Deanship of Student Affairs.

The Director of the Summer Program, Dr. Ali bin Ahmed Al-Sheikhi, Dean of the College of Engineering said that this year witnessed a record number of registered students in the summer semester (6180 students), the highest number in the history of the university for more than fifty years, 5298 students from the bachelor study and 874 students from the preparatory year.

Dr. Al-Sheikhi pointed out that the total number of subjects offered in this semester reached 145, while the total number of classes was 636, and the number of faculty members was 251.

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Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program

Summer Enrichment Program

KFUPM has paid attention to the gifted and has organized quality programs that sharpen their skills and develop their knowledge. One of the most prominent of these programs is the KFUPM Summer Enrichment Program for the Gifted, which hosted 160 talented students from around the Kingdom.

The Enrichment Program lasted for 21 days, hosted 160 students, and was divided into 8 enrichment units, including Artificial Intelligence, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Encryption and Information Security, Chemistry, Aeronautics and Renewable Energy, in addition to clubs and educational activities.

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Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program
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Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program

More than 200 participants in the Summer Program at the Community Center

The University's Community Center organized its summer program, which lasted from 10 May to 28 July 2019. More than 200 participants participated in the event, which included the Ramadan Volleyball Championship, the Young Football Tournament, Ramadan Night, Swimming Training Course, children's story reading program, children's movies, as well as summer entertainment.

"The summer program aims to combine entertainment and education, where participants can learn new skills and knowledge while having fun activities and fun trips," said the family program coordinator Mrs. Tiba al-Fozan.

Educational and Recreational Activities at the Deanship of Educational Services

The Deanship of Educational Services, in collaboration with KFUPM various centers and sections, organized several programs and activities during the summer of 2019. The Acting Dean of Educational Services, Dr. Ismail Mohammad Budaiwi, approved a plan, which included various activities, including educational, sports, entertainment and cultural. Number of participants reached (786) trainees.

The Director of Continuing Education Programs Mr. Abdulrahman Al Shuaibi said that the Department organized 9 programs in cooperation with 5 different institutes and departments. The activities includes English Summer Program for boys and girls, two programs for training and improving children's swimming and football, SiTech programs for children and girls, As well as community center programs which include Swimming, karate and aerobics.

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Record Numbers in King Fahd University 1440 Summer Program