KFUPM Student Team Won the First Place at the SABIC Competition for the Best Graduation Projects in the Kingdom

Sept. 1, 2020  |   Innovation

KFUPM team wins first place in the best graduation projects.

KFUPM student team won the first place in the SABIC competition for the best chemical engineering graduation projects at the level of the Kingdom's universities for 2020.

The team consisted of Mr. Salman Tawfiq Saleh, Saleh Al-Husseini, Hussam Al-Ghamdi, Hamoud Al-Ghamdi, and Fahd Al-Dalbahi with the supervision of Dr. Essam Elgendy and Dr. Omar Zahid,

The winning project was about the production of methanol using captured carbon dioxide from air and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.

The Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Harthi, congratulated the winners and praised the topic of the winning project, noting that this achievement reflects the excellence of KFUPM students and the quality of its academic programs.

The project focused on recycling carbon dioxide and turning it into clean energy.

The project used the "industrial Internet of things", a modern technology that combine devices, equipment and cloud computing to improve performance and productivity in the industrial field.

Dr. Al-Harthi pointed that the project reflects the University students ’awareness of modern technologies in their field of specialization and how to employ them to solve real problems.

Such competition provided space for students' creativity, ideas and innovations which can be transformed into pioneering projects and emerging companies, support the national economy and provide innovative scientific solutions in various fields.

The team leader, Salman Tawfiq Salih, said that converting carbon dioxide into clean fuel is one of the most important topics that currently captivate the world's researchers ’attention.

Dr. Essam Algendi indicated that the search is ongoing for new ways to recycle carbon dioxide and convert it into clean energy. In addition to its use in many chemical industries, methanol can be used as an alternative fuel in fuel cells

Dr. Omar Zahid indicated that the project contributes to protecting the environment by removing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and using methanol as a clean fuel, as well as in the chemical industries.