The Medical Center joins the "Ihalati" program for electronic referrals

Dec. 13, 2020  |   Events

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Medical Center obtained a permit to join the "Ihalati" program for the electronic referral of patients. On 11/26/2020, the Ministry of Health officially agreed that the university's medical center would be among the facilities authorized for the electronic transfer of pertinent information between hospitals affiliated with the ministry in the Eastern Province.

The Director General of the Medical Center, Zakaria Al-Abdulhay, praised the efforts of the Quality and Infection Control Department, and its continuous follow-up to secure the program since 2019.

برنامج احالتي
"Ihalati" program for electronic transfer

The "Ihalati" program is one of the electronic programs of the Ministry of Health, providing all the logistical and coordination needs for referring patients from one medical facility to another electronically, while delivering an accurate system of archiving, including statistics containing data of patients referred through the program, between the various health facilities across the Kingdom.

The director general of the medical center explained that the "Ihalati" program would work to raise the quality of medical services provided at the center, and build a comprehensive database of electronic files there, thus reducing the burden on beneficiaries and shortening roles and procedures, which will lead to saving time.

He pointed out the program's importance at present, especially with the issuance of many protocols-including with the elimination of paper transfers-and being satisfied with the electronic transfer system due to the Corona pandemic.