Deanship of Academic Development: Programs and events for the development of faculty members, learning techniques and pursuing developments in higher education.

Oct. 30, 2018  |   Academics

التطوير الاكاديمي
One of the workshop organized by DAD.

The Deanship of Academic Development organized several programs and events aimed at developing the educational process in the university.

Programs and events included faculty development, academic policies and procedures, learning techniques, and quality assurance.


The Dean of Academic Development explained that the total number of events organized was (54) activities, while the total number of participants in these events was1653 faculty members, and the number of faculty members participated in at least one activity was 612.


The Deanship of Academic Development continues to coordinate with the departments and colleges to implement special development programs according to the needs of these departments / colleges. Moreover, it peruses developments in higher education worldwide, develop the academic mechanisms of the university and make recommendations to keep up with the changes in this field.

التطوير الاكاديمي
Programs provided by DAD.

He mentioned that the Deanship's mission is to help the University improve its academic system on a continuous basis by enabling faculty members to achieve their full potential in teaching, and to advise the University in strengthening its academic programs and improving its facilities and operations in accordance with the highest quality standards.


He explained that the academic development activities include many workshops and forums, seminars that discuss teaching and learning in and out of classrooms, the use of technology to improve learning, evaluation strategies and practices, the quality of academic programs, as well as improving the efficiency of academic operations.


In his speech, he referred to the organizational structure of the Deanship which includes (4) centers and two units: The Teaching and Learning Center, The Educational Effectiveness & Efficiency Center, The Learning Technologies Center, the Academic Assessment Center, the Academic Studies Unit and the Textbooks unit.