Public Relations Club Organizes a Symposium about "Honors" and Announces the Contest for the Best Action Plan

Oct. 30, 2018  |   Events

نادي العلاقات
“From and to Honors” a Symposium organized by PR Club.

On Wednesday (October 17, 2018), KFUPM Public Relations Club organized a Symposium titled “From and to Honors” , in the presence of a number preparatory year students. The club also announced the "Best Action Plan" competition.

The Symposium, which was held in the activity hall in student housing, aims to motivate preparatory year students to exert their efforts and achieve excellence during their studies at KFUPM and to obtain the honorary degree at graduation.

During the Symposium, issues such as the challenges that students may face during their studies and how to overcome them, the most important skills that contribute to the excellence of the student to achieve the highest grades, , reading and summarizing the curriculum and time management were discussed.

In addition, The Symposium presented successful graduates models got honorary degrees after suffering failures during their university study, in order to have the new students accept the obstacles during the university studies, to encourage hard studying and enhance morale
نادي العلاقات
"Best Business Plan" competition.

"The competition is unique and aims to motivate students to innovate and encourage entrepreneurial or social entrepreneurship, focusing on the entrepreneurship inputs, not outputs” said Omran Dafterdar, the Club Media Manager.

He explained that the participants (individuals or teams) submit their action model that meets the conditions of the competition. The competition committee then sorts these models and submits them to display to the jury. The jury will make the final evaluation and nominate the winners.

The jury consists of Dr. Khaled Al-Otaibi, Dr. Mourad Mansour, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mashayikhi, and Mr. Ehab Qahwash.

Submitting period started from Wednesday (October 3, 2018) and ended on Thursday (18 October 2018) and the presentations and announcement of the winners will be on Sunday (25 November 2018).

The public relations club is one of KFUPM student clubs and aims to develop the student's leadership, social and administrative skills and help him to build an integrated personality.

The club also participates in the organization of KFUPM events and large conferences or hosted by it.