KFUPM Orientation Program Activities

Sept. 1, 2019  |   Academics

KFUPM Orientation Program Activities

Aims to Prepare New Students for University Study

The Deanship of Student Affairs at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals launched on Monday morning (August 26, 2019) the orientation program activities for new students. This program is, organized annually by KFUPM in order to prepare new students to start the University studies and complete the admission procedures.

The program, which lasted until Thursday (August 29, 2019), included the student obtained KFUPM card, ATM card for his stipend, E-mail, completed housing procedures, received academic table and textbooks. In addition, students were introduced to the University's rules and regulations, took the English placement test, as well as attended the preparation course for study and university life. This in turn would help to prepare students and facilitate their integration into university study.

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KFUPM Rector, Dr. Sahel N. Abduljauwad meet the newly admitted students

The program also included an open meeting between KFUPM Rector, Dr. Sahel Abduljauwad and the new students with their parents and an open meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Admissions and Registration, and preparatory year program officials. Furthermore, the program included an introductory tour for parents of students in the preparatory year, provided an overview of university life, and answered their inquiries.

Dr. Ahmed Alojairi, Dean of Student Affairs, stated that KFUPM is keen to provide all services to new students under one roof, in a manner that keeps pace with technical progress, and in a short period not exceeding seven minutes. The student will then participate in the rest of the program activities, which includes a number of directive, educational and recreational activities, to prepare students to be fully ready at the beginning of school days.

As part of its tradition every year, KFUPM welcome its new students through an integrated orientation program. Students groups were distributed according to a timetable prepared by the Deanship of Student Affairs soon after the announcement of acceptance results.

At the Deanship of Student Affairs, we receive continuous support from the University administration for the success of the orientation program, and provide new students with all the basic instructions and information that help them to start university life with high confidence, positive feelings and achieve the goal of passing the undergraduate degree.

Dr. Alojairi explained that the orientation program provides a distinctive series of orientation and guidance lectures by a group of KFUPM professors and includes many academic and administrative aspects important to them. The students learn about the undergraduate study system and the preparatory year program. The program provides them with the best guidance in proper study habits, time management and the identification of fundamental differences between secondary and university studies. The program lectures also provide a precise guidance of the services provided by the University in order to ensure the best social and educational conditions that support them with university achievement.

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KFUPM Orientation Program Activities
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KFUPM Orientation Program Activities